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Frequently Asked Questions

- Can I review the surveys?

- How does the survey process work?

- How do you present the survey results?

- What do I do with the results?

- How do I get more information?


Can I review the surveys?

Of course! We will customize each survey to meet your practice's needs and then send it to you for review.

How does the survey process work?

Referring Doctor Surveys are mailed directly to the doctors on your referral list. We request that you provide practice letterhead and envelopes for the mailing, which we've found to increase the response rate.

For Patient, Parent, and Staff Surveys, we generally administer them in-office, so that we can guarantee a high rate of return. (However, we may determine that mailed surveys will best meet your practice's needs.)

We'll send your practice at least 100 Patient/Parent Surveys and, if Staff Surveys are part of the package, surveys for all staff members. Patients and Parents are invited to complete the survey during their office visit – the survey takes less than 5 minutes to complete.

We provide envelopes to ensure confidentiality, plus a pre-paid FedEx Pak for the safe return of the completed materials.

Once we receive the completed surveys, you'll generally have your results within two weeks.

How do you present the survey results?

We pride ourselves on providing you with “news you can use.” Survey results are presented in hand-crafted, full-color, easy-to-read reports and include narrative summaries, graphs, verbatim comments, and detailed recommendations.

What do I do with the results?

To ensure that you receive the most value from your project, we offer a complimentary, follow-up conversation with a leading practice management consultant. Our Consultant Partners are happy to discuss the results of your project and help you chart your next steps.

How I get more information?

We'd be delighted to speak to you and learn more about your current situation. Please give us a call toll-free at 888-679-0991 and we'll set up a phone consultation to discover if surveys are right for you.

"The surveys were very thorough and having the opportunity to customize them with additional questions was great!"

Dr. Heidi Brandenburg,
Edina, MN